How Andrea is using
3d visualization to approve his designs from the city and help the client make decisions faster

How Andrea is using 3d visualization to approve his designs from the city and help the client make decisions faster

Andrea Lotto is an architect, living and working in Italy, near Vicenza, in an area full of important historical architecture like the Villas of Palladio.

After a master’s degree in Architecture, at Politecnico di Milano, and several experiences in architectural firms, he decided to start his own business with Andrea Lotto Architetti.

He has a lot of experience in industrial buildings and had the possibility to work on several of them both in the Vicenza area and in the rest of Veneto, in particular in Porto Marghera, in front of Venice.

Andrea is trying to bring his unique approach to his architecture, and we are happy to bring his vision to life with 3D Visualization.

Wanna know more about Andrea and his architecture? Take a look at the interview below, and visit the website

“I was looking for fast and realistic 3D visualizations for my projects. And Paolo was a great and reliable partner for this”

Andrea Lotto

Owner & Architect @ Andrea Lotto Architetti

1. Industrial warehouse . 2020

This industrial warehouse, realized for an important international agricultural company, is located near Vicenza, in Italy.

In the views, we tries to show the building in different contidions and different point of view.

The aerial view is really important, cause we can see the relation of the building with the context.

In a concrete building, without a particular shape, we can see the importance that doors and windows take, giving a touch of colour to it.

In the interior view, we can see the light coming from the windows on the roof.

2. Private Villa . 2021

This beautiful villa is located in the hills near Vicenza, in Italy.

In this wonderful location, Andrea Lotto has designed an absolutely contemporary building.

At the same time, he integrated it in the surrounding landscape: the trees around it hide this little gem from, that looks completely different depending on the point of view: from the north, you can see how small it looks.

He gave a lot of importance also to the exterior part of the building, with a great swimming pool that will make realy happy the client.

During the design process, for Andrea was difficult to explain to the public administration how well integrated was the building in the landscape, but thanks to our images he was able to convince them and start the construction part.

3. Industrial towers . 2022

In a huge industrial complex, Andrea Lotto was called to design a group of silos and give them a soul.

This area is located in Porto Marghera, just in front of Venice: it is one of the biggest and most important industrial area in whole Italy.

This silos reach an height from where is possible to see Venice, and they would have an important impact on the skyline of Porto Marghera.

The basement part will be in concrete, while the bottom part will be realized with metal panels, that will create nice reflections.

Is really important the relation with the context, in particular with the water of the lagoon, everywhere around the area.


Paolo: Hey everyone Paolo here. Today I have Andrea, the owner of Andrea Lotto Architetti, in Camisano Vicentino, near Vicenza here in Italy, and we are going to see how Andrea is using 3d visualization to approve his designs from the city and help the client make decisions faster. So hi Andrea, could you please briefly introduce yourself and your business?

Andrea: Yeah, thank you. So, first of all, every day, I hope to make a faster procedure for my client, with design and with models, with very improved models so that they can understand every single part of the project. In this time, I’m looking for very fast visualization. I’m looking for a very realistic visualization for my project because I think my clients need images, not only design. I think I can’t go to my client with plans or elevations or sections, because I think that they don’t understand a lot. And this is a very, very important side of my job. And I think this is my job, visualization, and to create and improve images.

Paolo: Okay, great. And now I would like to know a bit more about who are your clients and how long have you all been doing it.

Andrea: So my client are industrial, industrial clients, and not very much private clients. I love to work and to improve my job in the industrial areas. I love to work in Venice and in the port of Venice, I think we have so many spaces to improve and to work in. and my work is about a very important study. First of all, every single part of the project to the exterior image and the interior improvement. I love to cross a lot of disciplines, artistic and technical. But in every single side of this area, I have to start it from the project and how to put my project to the landscape and to do this, images are the only way that I have. So this is.

Paolo: For the one who doesn’t know it, Venice has a historical city, but in front of it there is, on the mainland, the port, which is a great, really big and important industrial area, one of the most important in Italy. So sometimes you think about Venice as just a historical city, but there are a lot more and a lot of different things in the Venice area. Okay. I would like to know if you think there is something unique about you or about your way of designing or your projects.

Andrea: Oh, unique. Thank you. But I think I’m not creating anything. Everything just exists and, I have only to give a personal side, my project and, my vision, to the cities the landscape and to the environment. I love to work in the external space for my project and on the external image. My first project was a dress of a very big industrial plant. Time by time, I have worked on these every day and sometimes I think I am the dress designer, not an architect. And this is the part that I really love about my work. I think this is the first characteristic of my works. My job is improving every day on specific sides.

Paolo: Do you think there is one particular project that you are most proud of that is your business card let’s say.

Andrea: Yeah, it’s my first, my very first project. And, I think I can explain it. I have not a word, I have like a sound, is boom, because one night, in a car, I was thinking to this project, this object was a single grey box and a very big box because it was an industrial plant. And my client said to me, so what can we do to make this not grey but coloured? So I remember from nothing in one single time, one little moment, there was an illumination, and this project was called the air wall. I am particularly proud because this project is in the international brochure of the factory that is putting the dress of the building and this is going on all around the world. So I think I’ve to improve my communication structure because, a little more, more time after I have seen the project of the Basel fair and this project was a little bit similar to my project. My project was before that, but I did have not a communications structure.

Paolo: So now I would like to know before starting your business, what did you do?

Andrea: I have graduated in Politecnico di Milano in 2005. Not so long after I started my freelance activity and every single day was really a very good adventure. And every time, every single day, I’m looking to improve my project and to work to my culture. So now what I want to do is to give a little bit of perfection more than the previous project. I’m something thinking about, I’m not creating everything just a little bit of time before, but I know to make it better every day. And that’s all.

Paolo: We both know how hard is the job of the architect. So I would like to know what are your problems and your daily frustration with your work?

Andrea: Uh, yeah, I can say that is a really frustrating job. In Italy, I think so, in this geographical area a little more, but we have only one thing to make every day and it is to fight. Fight and fight and fight.

Paolo: Now. Do you remember how you found my service?

Andrea: Yeah. Internet. No, it’s wrong. And because the first time I know Paolo Birro was in an email, one of the emails that I’ve not considered spam. So I opened the link inside the email. And, I remember I say, oh, it could be.

Paolo: And, after that, what motivated you to give me the job?

Andrea: Um, attention, the idea to the realistic representation and this is a specific that I can have inside my job. I think if I want to communicate to my client, my project, I have to give them a perfect representation of the project. And, uh, to think I need to do this very detailed models and very, very, very realistic representation, but I haven’t time to make all of this and paolo it’s a really good collaborator.

Paolo: Thank you. Okay, so, what results have you seen working together?

Andrea: Oh, really good. My clients are fine. Paolo is a really reliable partner for me because my clients, after his work have ever been happy.

Paolo: Do you think that your project or some part of it has improved by getting a 3d visualization?

Andrea: Uh, yeah, sure.

Paolo: Why do you think that?

Andrea: I say sure because this is the work. So I remember what I say a few minutes ago. I can’t go to my client with plans or elevations or section drawings because clients need, need images. If I want to make architecture, I need that my clients love these images and they love to work on this project

Paolo: So, overall, do you like my results and everything that we did together and how I work with you?

Andrea: Yeah, I’m really happy.

Paolo: And would you recommend me to others? And then do you think I’m a good fit for one figure or another?

Andrea: No, no, no, no. I think your work is the right choice for every single design work and discipline.
Because first of all, we need images. So I’m sorry, because I’m repeating the same words, but I’m really, really focused on it. I think we need images. Anything else.

Paolo: So now let’s go back to you, there is something new in your business, in your work.

Andrea: I’m really proud that at this time I’m starting to construct a very particular and singular Villa in Vicenza. This job. Paolo helped me with the images. And with these images, we have obtained permission in a place that today it’s a really difficult place to work and to build. And after that, I’m working on my industrial projects. Very large projects in Vicenza and in Venezia. And so, I hope every single project can have the success that had the first one of my projects. So this is.

Paolo: Okay. And the last thing I would like to know, what is your first advice for architects who want to start their business, a successful business.

Andrea: Uh, only one word. No, it’s not only one, three. Fight for architecture

Paolo: And where can people find out more about you and about your business?

Andrea: Oh, you can find a little bit of my work on my web space. It’s www.apiuarch.Net.

Paolo: Perfect. It was a pleasure to speak with you and, uh, bye everyone.

Andrea: Bye Paolo, thank you.

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